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National KID Association
(KID: Complex- Ingegratid- Differentiated)


The Association is a non-profit organization with independent legal personality.

The officers of the Association:


Dr. Takács Judit

Vice Presidents

Kutseráné Pernyéz Zsuzsanna, Kovács Zsuzsanna

Members of the Presidency

Novotni Edit, Borók Sándor Péter

The National KID Association is a national professional advocacy organization, wich was established in 2005.

Main objectives:

Improving the professional relationship between nonprofit public benefit organisations registered in Hungary that implement labour market integration and re-integration schemes, or manage and organise local, regional, and national programmes and provide such services; furthermore, to enforce the interests of such organisations.

Helping young adults with labour market disadvantages to acquire training and employment, and develop competencies; improving, implementing, and spreading related services, including but not restricted to: improving access to information on employment opportunities and retraining; practical implementation of new scientific results; and developing and designing professional methodology.

Supporting rehabilitation activities, e.g., information dissemination, communication, and helping public interest organisations to reach their goals for the purpose of health preservation in the targeted social groups, for goals in prevention, and to preserve and restore the ability to work. We recognize it as a priority to preserve mental health and to ensure reintegration in this field. We encourage healthy living by providing action programmes, training, and information for a healthy young generation. We strive for education for safe internet usethrough organising programmes and events for raising life standards.

Improving the social situation of targeted social groups, primarily through providing help in issues of integration, as well as supplying information and support about opportunities for people coming from a disadvantaged background. In this field, it is crucial to provide help in finding long-term employment and livelihood. 

The Association supports scientific activities and research related to the implementation of its main objectives; this means support both in the maintenance of theoretical research and the practical implementation of findings. In this respect, the Association supports the publication of research papers and booklets.

Providing complex labour market services is free of charges within the framework of tenders.

Providing help in methodology for labour market services in nonprofit public interest organisations, as well as providing various services for such organisations.

The Association’s primary focus is to encourage the professionality of civil organisations conducting similar activities; to hand over the accumulated experiences and methodologies from member organisations; and to ensure that organisations are suitable for successfully implementing employment programmes, including the process ranging from a favourable application for tender to the implementation of projects.  

Contribution to the groundwork for professional decisions influencing labour market supply, to decision-making, and to the distribution of available sources, as well as the individual and collective representation of member organisations’ interest.

The Association considers it its goal to raise awareness on human and civil rights and to protect and ensure the enforcement of such rights, as well as to provide all possible support in such matters regarding the targeted social groups. In this respect, the Association provides help to public interest organisations whose primary objective is to enforce such rights.  

Developing systems for service, training, counselling, and supervision in nonprofit public interest organisations, and implementing professional standards. In this respect, the Association provides guidance in designing operational frameworks, in reaching the required professional and service levels, communicating available know-how, practical implementation of the latest research findings, and raising efficacy. This primarily consists of supplying theoretical findings and practical experience. 

Our services:

The main line of the activity of the organization is: consultancy, coordinating and professional services methodology, as well as services in the area of labor market.

Our priority areas and services:

  • Prevention and hanling youth aimlessness, jobless lifestyle with complex person-centerd services and personal or career guidance activities.
  • Promoting the integration on the job market with personal and guidance activities
  • Club for jobseekers, training courses for everybody without age limit
  • Improving knowledge of employment orientated civil assosiations with supporting them relationship networks developing and assisting on events, training programs.

The priorities of the Association areas/services:

  • Informatin services, publicity organization
  • Education, training organization
  • Labour market services
  • Workshops organization, expertise tasks
  • Quality aspects, developing accreditation criterias
  • Organization of regional, national and international events
  • Building International partnership network

The organization does not have oppositionals, its networksystem is wide and supporting specially in the area of professional level. The connections are weak and distant with the important executive agencies and policy fields.

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